Missionary tribbing type positions

Missionary tribbing

Missionary tribbing is a form of tribbing where a lesbian lies on top of her lesbian partner and rubs, presses, humps and grinds her pussy into her partner’s pussy. The position is similar to the heterosexual variant in which the man lays on top of a woman to fuck her, except no penetration occurs and is, in my humble opinion, hotter.


Upright missionary tribadism

Lesbians practice the missionary position by laying down to trib. If they, instead, sit upright on their knees and kneel, then they perform the upright missionary position. Sinn Sage repeatedly practices this position in her videos. Sinn puts her partner’s legs in the air, completely exposing her partners’ pussy, and kneels on the bed mounting her pussy over her partner’s. Tribbing in this manner ensures both partners’ clits touch and press against each other.

Knee tribbing

Knee Tribbing, or the tribbing of the knee position, is another tribbing position. This position occurs when a lesbian lies on top of her partner and places one of her legs outside her partner’s leg and her other leg inside her partner’s leg. The lesbian on top has one leg over one of her partner’s legs. Their pussies graze at an angle: half of their pussies trib together while the other half trib their upper thighs.

Standard tribbing position

The Standard Tribbing position happens when one lesbian lies down on her back while her partner kneels in front of her, holds her leg up, and tribs her pussy on her partners. This rather basic position is performed often in videos. There are no thrills when tribbing this way, but gets the job done.


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