Amateur lesbians tribbing on a boat

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A man and two women are outside on a boat on a lake. The man is recording the women having sex. The women start out by having oral sex, the brunette is eating the blonde’s pussy. The blonde and her husband have a ManyVids channel and her name is Mya Lane. The brunette mounts the Mya and they trib in the standard position. Mya is wearing a wedding ring, she is married to the guy that is filming them.

Then the brunette stops tribbing and goes back and eats Mya out and fucks her with a pink dildo. Then the brunette mounts Mya again and they trib standard style. The brunette sucks on the Mya’s foot while they trib. Then they kiss and the brunette sits on the boat and they spread their legs and start scissoring.

Then they get up and Mya gets on her knees on the boat and the brunette eats her pussy some more. After that they both jump in the water to cool off. Then they get back on the boat and the brunette lays down on her back and Mya sits on her face to get her pussy sucked on. There are actually two people there filming them. Probably both their husbands. Then at the end of the clip Mya puts on her dress and sucks one of the guys dicks.

Standard Tribbing: 32 seconds, 2:52
Scissoring: 3:21

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