Homemade older younger couple tribbing

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is a homemade video of Latina lesbians tribbing. They are filming themselves the whole time. They start the video tribbing in the doggy style position. The lesbian getting tribbed from behind looks younger and is skinnier then the lesbian that is tribbing her.

The one in charge looks more mature and has more fat on her. They trib from behind for awhile. Then the younger one lays on her back and the older one adjusts the camera and tribs the younger one in the upright missionary position. The older lesbian has a firm round butt.

Then the older lesbian goes down and sucks on the younger one’s nipples and pulls the younger one on top of her. The younger lesbian starts riding the older lesbians pussy. They kiss and it looks like the younger lesbian rubs the older lesbian’s pussy at times while she is riding it.

At the end of the clip the older lesbian takes the camera and zooms in on the younger lesbians ass and body while she is laying on the bed on her stomach. Then the older lesbian films up close her pussy tribbing against the younger lesbian’s ass before the clip ends. This is a great homemade video.

Doggy Style: Start of the video, 19:30
Missionary: 6:51
Riding: 12:54

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  1. one of the best i’ve seen in awhile. the older woman was aggressive and really trying to get off! awesome! more like these please