Sinn Sage cheats on her wife with Natalia Starr

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Natalia Starr is in the gym checking out the exercise machines. Then Sinn Sage walks in. Sinn is going to be Natalia’s personal trainer. Sinn tells Natalia what they are going to be doing. Sinn also mentions that her wife is also a trainer, this surprises Natalia, that Sinn has a wife.

Natalia and Sinn get on the floor and Sinn stretches Natalia out. Natalia is trying to come on to Sinn by pulling her closer to her. Sinn resists for a bit because she is married but then Sinn gives in to temptation and they start kissing. They get naked and Sinn bends over the weight bench and Natalia eats her ass out.

Then Natalia rubs Sinn’s pussy from behind. Sinn turns around and sits on the bench and Natalia eats her pussy. Then the clip cuts to Natalia laying on the weight bench and Sinn leaning over Natalia backwards tribbing Natalia in a reverse cowgirl position and at the same time Natalia tribbing Sinn from behind with her pussy.

Then Sinn sits up and tribs Natalia properly in the reverse cowgirl position. After that Sinn turns around and tribs Natalia in the standard position on the bench. They trib like this for the rest of the video.

Reverse Cowgirl: 4:01, 4:11
Doggy Style: 4:01
Standard Tribbing: 4:56

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