Imalai Mendez tribs two different lesbians

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This is a montage clip of Imalai Mendez tribbing two different lesbians. In the first scene Imalai is tribbing a lesbian wearing black stockings. We have the full video up already, it is called “Imalai Mendez fucks a slutty lesbian”. This clip only shows the tribbing parts. They trib by riding very closeup to the camera. Then Imalai changes to tribbing her partner in the standard position.

Then the stockings wearing lesbian rides Imalai’s pussy. They try to trib clit to clit with every position they are in. Then the black stockings lesbian changes to tribbing Imalai in the standard position, she tribs Imalai hard and fast clit to clit.

After that the scene skips to another video at 2:55. Imalai is now in another movie tribbing another lesbian. This time her lesbian partner has big boobs and is wearing a mask. Imalai is wearing high heels. Imalai is tribbing her in the knee tribbing position on the bed, hard and fast.

Standard Tribbing: 42 seconds, 2:01
Riding: Start of the video, 1:18
Knee Tribbing: 2:55

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