Zoey Holloway teaches Shyla Jennings how to masturbate

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Zoey Holloway and Shyla Jennings are sitting in the bedroom talking. They are both in their bikinis talking about masturbation. Zoey asks Shyla if she touches herself. Shyla says she does not but she has sexy dreams and she might touch herself at night because her pussy gets all wet but she is not sure.

Zoey asks her if she ever wanted to masturbate but Shyla says she has just never tried or even really thought about it. Shyla says she would feel dirty or ashamed if she did. Zoey wants to help Shyla learn to explore her body and get comfy touching herself. Zoey gently touches Shyla’s body making her feel good.

Zoey puts her hand over Shyla’s and makes Shyla touch her own boobs and own her pussy. Shyla is getting really turned on by Zoey making her touch herself. Eventually Shyla starts rubbing her own pussy and Zoey starts feeling Shyla’s body independently, without Shyla’s hand. Shyla’s bottoms come off and Zoey rubs Shyla’s pussy.

Shyla and Zoey start kissing and Shyla gets on top of Zoey and she tribs her pussy on Zoey’s knee. Shyla tribs her pussy hard and fast on Zoey. Then Shyla lays down on Zoey and tribs her missionary style, Shyla is naked but Zoey is still in her bikini. Shyla goes to town and tribs Zoey like a little jack rabbit bunny, hard and fast. They rub each other’s pussies while they trib this way.

Then Shyla takes off Zoey’s bikini and eats her pussy out and fingers it. Then Shyla lays back and Zoey rubs Shyla’s body and licks her nipples. Then Zoey rubs Shyla’s pussy, pressing both of her hands against it hard. Then Zoey gets down and eats out Shyla and fingers her. After that Shyla sits on Zoey’s laps and rubs Zoey’s pussy. Then Shyla lays back and Zoey sucks on her feet while she fingers and rubs her pussy some more. Zoey continues to rub Shyla’s pussy for the rest of the video.

Body Tribbing: 10:34
Missionary: 12:17

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