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This clip was recommended by yesgirl, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Eva is outside reading the paper when Sarah comes back from here morning jog. Eva is being really nasty and tells Sarah she stinks and needs to take a shower. Eva tells Sarah to go into the bathroom and leave her alone.

Sarah grabs the newspaper out of Eva’s hands and throws it. Eva calls her crazy and they start to push each other. Sarah blocks the chairs from Eva so she can not sit down and Eva asks her if she is on drugs. They both are really mad and decide they want to fight. They go inside to battle instead of doing it outside in front of their neighbors.

Sarah grabs Eva by the hair and pulls her inside. They start hitting each other and calling each other bad names. They wrestle each other on the ground and their clothes come off while they fight and wrestle each other. While they fight they slowly start to get turned on and they kiss and caress each other on the floor.

They get totally naked and start tribbing in the standard tribbing position with Sarah on top. Then Sarah pulls Eva up and they start scissoring their pussies together. They bump their pussies together while they scissor. Then Sarah pushes Eva back down and she mounts her again standard style.

After that they kiss while on their knees and then Eva lays on her back and Sraah gets on top of her and they trib missionary style on the floor. They trib soft and gently. Then Sarah gets on her back and Eva gets on top of her and they trib some more in the missionary position. Then Eva sits up on Sarah and they trib standard style.

Eva humps her pussy into Sarah’s while Sarah holds up her pussy and does not move it. Then they kiss and Sarah gets back on top and humps her pussy into Eva’s in a lazy scissoring position. Then Eva gets back on top and tribs Sarah in a semi standard semi doggy style position. She humps her pussy into Sarah again in fast bursts. After they trib this way Eva lays down on Sarah and they lightly trib and kiss for the rest of the video.

Standard Tribbing: 10:03, 11:53, 16:38, 22:07
Scissoring: 10:21, 19:28
Missionary: 13:44, 15:39, 23:33
Doggy Style: 22:07

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