Vintage aggressive black lesbian tribbing

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This is a vintage lesbian tribbing video. Black lesbians start the video outside tribbing. They are in a tribbing battle and get aggressive with each other. The lesbian on top with the blonde highlights is Anna Amore and the other lesbian is Cassandra. They are outside on a tarp and it looks like Anna is winning the battle.

Anna tribs Cassandra in the knee tribbing position and holds her arms down when she tries to resist. Then Anna stops tribbing and sits on Cassandra and rubs her big boobs. Then Anna goes back to tribbing Cassandra in the knee position. Then they stop tribbing and go inside and sit on the bed.

Cassandra tells Anna that she can not beat her in bed and Anna begs to differ. Anna lays Cassandra down on the bed and they trib their big boobs together. They trib their boobs together for the rest of the video.

Knee Tribbing: Start of the video, 5:18
Body Tribbing: 7:58

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