Hot blondes tribbing passionately

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This clip was recommended by Javaman, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Hot blonde lesbians are naked on the bed kissing and rubbing each other. I think the blonde who ends up on the bottom is Nicole Ray. I do not know which Alexis is her partner. They press their bodies hard together but do not start tribbing yet until around the 2:38 mark. They kiss and trib lightly missionary style.

Then the blonde on top changes to tribbing Nicole lightly in the knee tribbing position. Then the lesbian on top goes down on Nicole and eats her pussy then goes back to tribbing missionary style. They trib very deeply, grinding with lust. They trib this way for a long time for the rest of the video. This is very rare. They seem to be making love passionately while tribbing the whole time. I have not really seen this, a good find!

Missionary: 2:38, 6:03
Knee Tribbing: 3:28

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