Kelly Divine and Sandi Jackmon grinding pussies

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Kelly Divine and Sandi Jackmon are naked on the couch, Kelly is licking Sandi’s huge breasts. Then Sandi takes off Kelly’s panties and licks and rubs her pussy. Then Kelly puts a vibrator to Sandi’s clit and sticks it in her pussy while Sandi masturbates. Kelly also licks Sandi’s clit while she sticks the toy in Sandi’s vagina.

Then Kelly bends over on the couch and Sandi fucks Kelly from behind with a glass dildo. Then Kelly tribs Sandi in the standard position. Kelly and Sandi grind their pussies together and it looks like they are both very much in sync, tribbing to their own special rhythm. I can not tell if there is a toy between them or not but they really grind their pussies together while they trib.

Standard Tribbing: 4:01

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