Rhonda Lee Quaresma and Nikki Valhalla muscle trib

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Rhonda Lee Quaresma and Nikki Valhalla are on the bed naked. Nikki is sitting behind Rhonda Lee rubbing her pussy. They both have huge boobs and both are very muscular. Nikki lays back and Rhonda Lee gets ready to mount her so they can trib. Nikki rubs her pussy and then Rhonda Lee places her pussy on Nikki’s and tribs in the standard position.

There are some closeup shots. Then they stop tribbing and they rub each other’s pussies. There are people in the room taking pictures of them, you can see the flash from their camera going off. After they rub each other’s pussies they 69. Then they stop 69ing and they finger each other.

Nikki is laying down and Rhonda Lee is kneeling. Rhonda Lee has a huge clit. Then they take turns eating each other out. Then they go back to 69ing with Nikki on top. Nikki face tribs Rhonda Lee while Rhonda Lee is eating her pussy this way. They end the clip with them still sucking on each other’s pussies in the 69 position.

Standard Tribbing: 1:00
Face Tribbing: 6:56

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