Elexis Monroe and Kristina Rose trib deep

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Elexis Monroe and Kristina Rose are on the bed making out. They rub up on each other and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position with their clothes on. There is a shot of Kristina’s dress hiked up and you can see her big ass and panties while she tribs Elexis. Elexis sucks on Kristina’s boobs and takes off her dress.

Kristina rubs Elexis’s pussy through her pants and they continue to trib. Then the clip cuts to t em naked and Kristina sucking on Elexis’s hairy pussy. Then they sit up and they start scissoring their pussies together hard and deep. They really press their pussies together. Then they sit up closer to each other and scissor in an open scissoring position while they kiss.

Then Elexis lays back and Kristina gets on top of her and they finger each other and then trib missionary style. Elexis also fingers Kristina while they trib. Then they stop tribbing and Elexis rubs and fingers Kristina and eats her out. They end the video kissing.

Knee Tribbing: 58 seconds, 2:33
Scissoring: 5:24
Open Scissoring: 6:20
Missionary: 7:39

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