Amateur chubby lesbians trib

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I am going to say this is an amateur video, even though they sell content on ManyVids. I think the one with the bob haircut is the main girl and she is Russian her name is RussianBeauty if interested. This looks very amateurish to me though. They are both chubby and they both are wearing stockings.

They start the video out tribbing their boobs together. Their boob tribbing turns into trib standing. They trib stand in their panties and then the clip cuts and their panties are off and they are trib standing, bumping their raw pussies together. Then the clip cuts again and they are laying on the bed.

The camera is very closeup to their pussies and they trib missionary style, but not for long because they switch places and the lesbian with the bob hair cut starts riding the other lesbian’s pussy. She rides her fast. Then they stop and the bob haired lesbian tribs her partner missionary style for longer.

Then they switch places and the bob haired lesbian is on the bottom getting tribbed missionary style by her partner in the upright missionary position. Then they switch yet again and the bob haired lesbian tribs her partner again in the upright missionary position. Then the bob haired lesbian takes the bottom and the other lesbian rides her pussy for the rest of the clip.

Body Tribbing: Start of the video
Trib Standing: 10 seconds
Missionary: 58 seconds, 2:42, 3:38, 4:03
Riding: 1:19, 4:28

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  1. Wow, I come across something like his and think “what a waste of an opportunity”. Why? Because you have good equipment and pretty good lighting, two willing models and NOT.A.CLUE about editing, continuity or direction.