Debi Diamond and Melissa Monet have intense sex

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Melissa and Debi screw each other hard

Debi Diamond and Melissa Monet are sitting in bed talking. They are talking about how they kidnap young girls and keep them as sex slaves. Melissa wants to let them go and Debi does not. Melissa tells Debi that she has forgotten how adventurous Melissa can be. Then Debi gets up and kisses Melissa and they start having sex.

They kiss and make out and Melissa sucks on Debi’s pussy and fingers it. Then Melissa gets behind Debi and eats her out from behind. Then Melissa mounts Debi’s big butt from behind and tribs her. Then Debi returns the favor and eats out Melissa’s hairy pussy and sucks on the bottom of her foot.

Then Debi tribs her pussy on Melissa’s foot while she eats out Melissa’s asshole. There are closeup shots of this. Then Debi lays back down and Melissa eats her out again and rubs her pussy. After that Melissa sits on Debi’s face and gets her pussy eaten out. Then they kiss and Melissa tribs her pussy on Debi’s big boob.

After that Melissa sits herself back on Debi’s face and Debi sucks on her pussy, Melissa falls backwards on the bed and Debi continues to suck on her pussy. They hem each other up tight and kiss and rub each other and then Melissa lays down on her back and Debi tribs her in the standard tribbing position. Debi switches to missionary and tribs Melissa in the upright missionary position steady and hard.

There are some closeups of them tribbing. Then Melissa pushes Debi off of her and gets behind Debi and squeezes her big boobs. Then Debi bends over and Melissa licks her butt hole while she fingers her pussy. They do this for the rest of the clip. After they are done having sex they go to release their runaways and see that they have already left, or more like escaped!

Doggy Style: 9:05
Body Tribbing: 11:22, 15:38
Standard Tribbing: 18:07
Missionary: 18:15

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