Young black girl receives a lesbian lap dance

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A young black girl is sitting on a chair in her teal jeans and her black tank top. Another young black girl wearing a teal tank top and black pants comes up and gives her a lap dance, she tries to hide her face throughout the clip. Someone is watching and recording them. The girl giving the dance grinds her ass into the one sitting down.

Then the girl on top turn around and gives the other girl a proper lap dance, riding her from the front. Then the girl giving the lap dance turns back around and shakes her ass into the other girl doggy style. Towards the end of the clip the girl giving the dance gets off the other girl and comes back with different pants on, hot pink ones and continues to grind her ass into the other girl’s pussy.

Doggy Style: Start of the video, 2:09, 3:17
Riding: 1:19

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