Live lesbian public sex show

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Spanish lesbians put on a live sex show in public. They are dancing on stage around a stripper pole and many men are watching them. They are Spanish porn stars. The redhead is Caomei Bala and the brunette is Megan Bala. I do not know why they have the same last names, I do not think they are related.

They dance around on stage and kiss and get naked. They touch each other’s bodies and caress each other by the stripper pole. They lightly trib stand each other and dance. Megan tribs stands Caomei from behind as well. Megan licks Caomei’s pussy before they head on over to the couch that is on stage.

Megan lays down on it and Caomei mounts her and they trib right there live in front of many people. Caomei tribs Megan in the standard tribbing position. Then when they stop tribbing Caomei rubs Megans pussy and they walk off stage. The scene ends at 12:28.

Trib Standing: 6:52
Doggy Style: 6:52
Standard Tribbing: 9:20

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