Lesbians tribbing in creative ways

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This is a very interesting and different tribbing video. the clip opens with these two girls tribbing their pussies together standing up. They bump and bang their pussies together hard. They also grind their pussies together standing up and at times trib each others knees while standing. The short haired brunette girl pins the girl with the two toned hair up against the way and grinds her pussy into hers. Then the two tones haired girl tribs the brunette up against the wall.

Then the brunette puts the two toned hair girl on the ground, gently and tribs her pussy while on top of her, bumping her pussy hard against the two toned haired girl’s pussy. There is a closeup shot of this and the two toned haired girl also bumps her pussy up into the brunettes. Then the two toned haired girl gets on top and bangs her pussy into the brunettes, missionary style. Then the brunette pulls herself up on her hands and plants her feet on the ground and drives her pussy into the two toned haired girls.

The two toned haired girl tries to do it too but can’t seem to do it as good, so she gets on top of the brunette and tribs her. Then the brunette gets on top and tribs the two toned hair girl missionary style, there are some closeup shots. The brunette then starts to ride her and bounce her pussy up and down on her partner’s pussy. Then the two toned hair girl tribs the brunette hard from behind. This is a very unique tribbing video with lots of different positions being performed, a very good video, very different.

Trib Standing: Start of the video
Riding: 5:30, 9:34
Missionary: 6:52
Doggy Style: 9:57

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