Lena Nicole tribs Tara Morgan hard and fast

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Lena Nicole and Tara Morgan are talking on the bed. Tara tells Lena that she and her roommate sleep in the same bed and share a room. Lena says that is very strange and Tara asks Lena if she has any friends that she sleeps with that she is close with like that. Lena says no she would not do that with one of her friends unless she was licking her pussy.

Tara asks her if she does that and Lena says she would do that but plays coy. Lena feels up Tara and seduces her. She plays with her clothes and looks at her all sexy. Lena tells Tara she has a beautiful body and then the clip cuts to them naked with Lena on top of Tara in the missionary position.

They kiss and Lena starts off tribbing Tara nice and slow and then Lena picks up speed and tribs Tara very hard and fast that the headboard bangs against the wall. Then Lena slows it down and they have slow sensual tribbing sex for the rest of the clip.

Misisonary: 3:33

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