Sexy hot lesbians riding pussies

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This clip was recommended by Toki, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.


Naked brunette lesbians start the video tribbing by riding their pussies together. The lesbian on top has darker skin, she is either Asian or Black, I don’t now which one so I am not going to tag it as that. If anyone knows their names please let us know!

Anyway they are tribbing their pussies and feeling each other up. They stop tribbing and the lighter skinned lesbian eats the darker skinned lesbian out and rubs her pussy. The darker skinned lesbian also rubs her own clit. They kiss some more and then the lighter skinned lesbian takes control and rides her lesbian partner.

She rides fast and hard. Then they change to tribbing by scissoring. There is a closeup shot of this. They scissor and kiss and then the lighter skinned lesbian mounts the other lesbian and they go back to tribbing by riding. She rides her softly at first and then she goes fast and hard on her. After that the lighter skinned lesbian sits on the darker skinned lesbian’s face.

She gets her pussy eaten and then the darker skinned lesbian jumps up and sits on the lighter skinned lesbian’s face and gets her pussy rubbed and eaten out. She also rubs the lighter skinned lesbian’s pussy while hers is being munched on. Then the darker skinned lesbian sits on her partner’s pussy in the semi reverse cowgirl position and tribs away.

Then she stops tribbing and licks and rubs the lighter skinned lesbian’s pussy. Then the darker skinned lesbian ends the clip by riding her her partner’s pussy until the clip stops. It ends where it started.

Riding: Start of the video, 5:53, 8:42
Scissoring: 6:33
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 13:49

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  1. I truly understand you “Do not” whomever you be. It’s just some ignorant people that seriously needs help asappppp.
    But as for the industry with black porn the big time adult entertainment companies do not make many black on black lesbians missionary tribbing and scissoring movies bcuz they are so fucking racist the rates will rocket sky high from the average (white lesbo porn) adult lesbian films and then the ebony performers will more the money out of pockets…but it’s fucked up I’m tired of see white girls missionary tribbing it’s time to see the black chicks with missionary tribbing and scissoring. And I’m a white guy just if anyone would think this a racist comment…