Bianca Valentino and Kelly Leigh have old and young sex

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A young girl, Bianca Valentino is putting on lipstick and doing her makeup at the bathroom mirror when an older lady, Kelly Leigh comes up behind her. Kelly compliments Bianca on her hair and they start kissing and rubbing each other. They move on over to the bedroom and lay down on the bed.

They slowly take off their clothes and kiss. Kelly lightly tribs Bianca in the missionary position while Kelly still has her panties on and Bianca still has her skirt and panties on. They kiss and stroke each other some more before Kelly takes off Bianca’s skirt and pushes her panties to the side and eats her pussy out.

Then Bianca’s panties come off and Kelly fingers Bianca’s pussy and eats it and rubs it while Bianca masturbates her clit. Kelly rubs Bianca’s pussy while she tribs her own pussy on Bianca’s upper thigh. Kelly’s panties are still on during this. They mutually rub each other’s pussies and then Kelly takes off her panties and tribs her pussy some more on Bianca’s thigh while still rubbing Bianca’s pussy.

Then Kelly goes back to licking and fingering Bianca’s pussy. After that Kelly lays down on the bed and Bianca returns the favor by licking and fingering Kelly’s pussy. Then Kelly sucks her pussy juices off of Bianca’s fingers and Bianca sits on Kelly’s pussy and tribs it by riding. Then Bianca sits on Kelly’s face and gets her pussy eaten again.

Then Bianca bends over on all fours on the bed and Kelly rubs her pussy from behind and fingers her asshole and pussy while Bianca masturbates. Then Bianca spoons Kelly on the bed and feels up her body. Kelly gets on top of Bianca and tribs her pussy by riding it. They ride pussies for a bit and then they switch to tribbing by scissoring. Then they stop scissoring to kiss and Kelly mounts Bianca again and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position.

The knee tribbing turns into body tribbing because Kelly sits up and moves down and tribs her pussy on Bianca’s upper thigh only. Then Kelly remembers that Bianca needs pleasure too and goes back to riding her pussy. Then they stop tribbing and Bianca masturbates and Kelly fingers her pussy again and eats it. They end the video with Bianca laying on top of Kelly kissing her.

Missionary: 6:47
Body Tribbing: 12:07, 15:15, 35:19
Riding: 24:37, 31:43, 36:15
Scissoring: 32:30
Knee Tribbing: 34:40

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