Bree Daniels tribs escort Chloe Amour

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Bree Daniels walks into her house and sits down on the couch. Bree is lonely being in her big house all by her self so she picks up her phone to see who she can call to come over. Bree ends up calling an escort service. She speaks to Mr. Rosebud and requests a fit girl in her early twenties.

Mr. Rosebud sends over Chloe Amour to fuck Bree. The scene skips to them naked on the couch tribbing. Chloe is on top of Bree tribbing her in the standard tribbing position. Then Chloe gets off Bree and Bree takes control and tribs Chloe the standard way. Then they end the clip tribbing in the knee position.

Standard Tribbing: 2:04, 2:49
Knee Tribbing: 4:04

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