Cayla Lyons fucks Katrin Tequila with drumsticks

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Katrin Tequila is playing the drums very poorly at the the start of the video. Cayla Lyons is watching Katrin play and she is not impressed. Cayla comes up behind Katrin and tries to teach her how to carry a tune. That does not last long though, they start kissing. The clip cuts to them on the bed. Katrin is naked and bent over and Cayla is rubbing her pussy and licking her asshole.

Cayla rubs and licks Katrin’s asshole and pussy for a while. Then the clip cuts to Cayla laying back on the bed and Katrin licking and fingering and rubbing her pussy. Then they start tribibng by scissoring their pussies together clit to clit. There are great closeup shots of their pussies touching and sticking together.

Then they stop scissoring and Cayla bends over and Katrin fingers her and then puts all her fingers in her, almost her whole fist. Then Katrin bends over and Cayla fingers her pussy with her thumb and rubs her asshole. Then Cayla sticks Katrin’s drumsticks in her pussy and fucks her with them while she rubs her clit.

Scissoring: 9:17

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