Interracial lesbians tribbing in oil

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A black and an Asian lesbian are wearing swimsuits and caressing each other, they are both drenched in oil. The Asian rubs her oily feet all of the black lesbian. The black lesbian gets on all fours and the Asian rubs her foot on the black lesbian’s pussy and on her boobs. Then the clip cuts to them naked and kissing.

Their bodies are very slippery and oily. Then they start tribbing in the standard position with the Asian on top of the black lesbian. Their pussies are very slimy from the oil. They change positions and the Asian tribs the black lesbian in a semi reverse cowgirl position. Their pussies are pixeled out but you can still see that they have a lot of hair down there.

Standard Tribbing: 1:15
Semi Reverse Cowgirl: 2:16

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