Brazilian brunette has tribbing sex with a blonde

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This clip was recommended by chicitythang, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. A white blonde lesbian and a Brazilian brunette lesbian are making out. The brunette unbuttons the blonde’s jeans and licks and rubs her shaved pussy. Then the brunette gets up and they kiss and they trib stand each other. The brunette still has her jeans on and the blonde’s jeans are unzipped and half way off. They bump their pussies together while they trib stand.

Then the blonde lowers the brunette’s jeans and licks her pussy. Then the blonde gets up and licks on the brunette’s boobs while they brunette rubs the blonde’s pussy and they trib stand some more, this time pussy to pussy, their jeans are down slightly around their legs. Then the brunette goes back down on the blonde and rubs her clit while the blonde is standing. The brunette stands back up and they trib stand again hard.

Then the blonde turns over and leans against the wall and the brunette rubs the blonde’s pussy and licks it from behind, she also rims her asshole. Then the brunette stands up and they trib stand while the brunette tribs the blonde from behind against the wall. They rub each other’s pussy after they are done tribbing. Then the blonde sits on the table and the brunette eats her out and rubs her pussy.

They both get naked and take turns rubbing and licking each other’s pussies. They also make out too. While they rub each other’s pussies the brunette tribs her pussy on the blonde’s thigh while the blonde is sitting on the edge of the table. Then they kiss and the clip cuts to them standing next to the bed in the their jeans again. They make out and trib stand in their jeans from the front and from behind.

The brunette turns the blonde around and they take off their jeans and the brunette tribs her standing up doggy style. Then they get on the bed and rub each other’s pussies. They kiss and touch and the brunette mounts the blonde and tribs her the standard way on the bed clit to clit. Then the blonde mounts the brunette and tribs her in the standard position clit to clit. There are great closeup shots of their clits touching.

Then the blonde lays on top of the brunette and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position. Then they change spots and the brunette tribs the blonde in the tribbing of the knee position. They kiss and then the brunette changes positions and tribs the blonde in the missionary position. They trib clit to clit in an upright missionary position. Then they stop tribbing and the brunette eats the blonde out some more. Then the blonde and the brunette rub each other’s pussies and the blonde rubs and sucks on the brunette’s pussy while the brunette lays back.

They 69 and the brunette fucks the blonde’s pussy with her tongue. After they 69 they get back to tribbing and the brunette tribs the blonde clit to clit in the standard position with good closeup shots. Then the blonde gets on top and they trib clit to clit still in the standard way. Then the blonde gets on all fours and bends over and the brunette tribs her from behind. After that the blonde lays back and spreads her legs and the brunette opens the blonde’s pussy wide and sticks her tongue in it and rubs it and licks it.

The brunette also rims the blonde’s butt hole and then the brunette tribs the blonde again by placing her pussy on the blondes and tribbing in the standard position. They end the clip with the blonde tribbing the brunette missionary style.

Trib Standing: 3:40, 5:36, 8:06, 10:36, 20:48
Doggy Style: 10:36, 22:53, 1:03:38
Body Tribbing: 19:27
Standard Tribbing: 28:08, 30:29, 56:26, 59:38, 1:13:05
Knee Tribbing: 37:30, 38:21
Missionary: 42:01, 1:14:30

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