Brazilian lesbian and a blonde trib

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The video starts with a Brazilian lesbian dancing and shaking her ass for the camera. She twerks around in her bra and thong panties. Then a white blonde lesbian comes over and joins her. They dance and then start kissing. The blonde sucks on the brunette’s boob and they both rub each other’s pussies while they kiss.

Then they take off their bras and suck on each other’s bare boobs and the blonde rubs the brunette’s pussy some more. The brunette mounts the blonde and they trib for a minute in the standard position with their panties still on. Then they stop tribbing and take off their panties and the blonde pours oil on the brunette’s ass. The brunette then rubs oil all over the blonde’s ass and they both rub the oil into each other’s pussies.

They lay on the bed and they start tribbing by scissoring their pussies together. There are some closeup shots and they scissor for awhile. It looks like the blonde has a big clit on her. Then they stop scissoring and rub each other’s pussies and then go back to scissoring. Then the blonde mounts the brunette and tribs her in the standard position. Then the brunette gets on top and tribs the blonde in the standard way. Then they switch places again and the blonde is back in charge tribbing in the standard way. They stop tribbing and the brunette gets on top of the blonde and they start kissing and soon they are tribbing again.

The brunette tribs the blonde in the tribbing of the knee position while they kiss. Then they lay next to each other and kiss and rub each other’s pussies. Then they both bend over on the bed, so their butts face the camera and they both reach around and rub each other’s pussies from behind. Then the brunette gets back on top of the blonde and they trib again in the standard tribbing position. They trib like this for the rest of the video.

Standard Tribbing: 6:27, 12:38, 15:22, 17:31, 21:55
Scissoring: 8:03, 11:42
Knee Tribbing: 19:28

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