A.J. Applegate and Zoey Monroe squirt and scissor

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A.J. Applegate and Zoey Monroe are outside by the pool. Zoey is rubbing A.J.’s fat ass. They both stare sexy like into the camera and they kiss and rub each other’s pussies. They both get naked and A.J. bends over and Zoey fingers her pussy from behind.

Then A.J. turns around and Zoey fingers her from the front and rubs her clit until she squirts. A.J. squirts everywhere, she is basically sitting in a puddle of juices. Then Zoey gets down and fingers A.J. while she licks her pussy. A.J. squirts again from Zoey fingering and massaging her clit. A.J. squirts right on Zoey’s face and on her tongue, her juices fly everywhere.

A.J. returns the favor and rubs and sucks on Zoey’s pussy. Zoey squirts a stream from A.J.’s stimulation, it hits A.J. in the face. Then the clip cuts to them tribbing by scissoring on the couch. A.J. grinds her pussy on Zoey and Zoey squirts her juices everywhere. Then they continue scissoring and A.J. stops for a second to rub her clit and squirt some more. Zoey also squirts at the same time that A.J. does.

They are both covered in cum while they are scissoring. As they continue to scissor they stop again and rub their pussies and they both squirt cum all over each other. Their cum flies straight up in the air. Then they get out the Hitachi vibrator and Zoey holds it between their scissoring pussies. They both squirt from the toy vibrating their clits.

Squirting: 4:38, 5:11, 5:50, 6:33, 6:51, 7:25, 7:54
Scissoring: 6:10

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