Korean girl catfight

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The video begins with a montage of the movie. The true clip starts at 43 seconds. A Korean girl is sitting in a chair scrolling through her phone and another Korean girl is putting on her pantyhose. The girl in the pink, Hyeri asks the girl in the black, Chaerin were she was last night because she did not answer her phone.

Chaerin says she was at the library. Hyeri does not believe her. Hyeri knows she was with her so called boyfriend. Chaerin does not even try to deny it. Hyeri says they are not friends anymore and hits her with her towel. Chaerin gets super pissed and gets up from her chair.

Chaerin grabs Hyeri by the hair and slams her against the wall and feels up her boobs. Hyeri is confused and hurt because she stole her boyfriend. Chaerin forcefully grabs Hyeri’s pussy and rubs her tits like her so called boyfriend would.

Hyeri tries to fight her but Chaerin is too strong. They fight and struggle with each other and Chaerin ends up throwing Hyeri down on the bed. Chaerin pins Hyeri down and sucks on her tits. Then Hyeri gets on top of Chaerin and sucks on her tits.

They get into the 69 position and kiss each other’s ass cheeks. They both are wearing pantyhose and panties. Then Hyeri eats out Chaerin over her pantyhose and panties. After that they flip around and start tribbing by scissoring their pussies together. They hold hands while they scissor and pull each other’s hair. Chaerin gets hurt by this and Hyeri pulls Chaerin to her and rubs her pussy and fingers it over her panties and pantyhose.

Then the pink lesbian stops and Chaerin withers around on the bed masturbating. Hyeri watches her. Then Hyeri lets Chaerin know that if she chases her so called boyfriend again she will kill her. Hyeri won in the end.

Scissoring: 10:44

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