Mika Tan and Gia Grace have lesbian sex

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This clip was recommended by chicitythang, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Mika Tan is on the phone talking about how she is the best T.A. ever and that she is stuck on campus grading papers but its ok because she loves doing it and she loves working for her professor. When Mika is on the phone one of her students walks in, Gia Grace.

Mika gets off the phone and Gia says she just wanted to stop by to drop her off a bagel and some coffee. Gia thanks Mika for helping her with her paper and Mika says to forget about it. Gia sit there and stares longingly at Mika. Mika asks if there is anything else she can help her with. Gia is acting strange and Mika asks her whats up.

Mika says that Gia stops by her office a lot and asks for help but she does not need it. Gia says she likes talking to her and Mika says she likes talking to her too. Mika says that Gia is very smart and should be proud of her work. Mika puts her hand on Gia’s knee and Gia rubs Mika’s hand. They kiss and start making out, they head over to a bedroom and take off their clothes.

Mika eats out Gia’s smooth pussy and sucks on her breast. Then they roll over and Gia returns the favor and eats out Mika’s hairy pussy. Then Gia lays on top of Mika and tribs her missionary style. Gia stops tribbing for a second to suck on Mika’s tits and then goes back to tribbing missionary. They trib like this for a while with Gia going between tribbing and sucking on Mika’s boobs.

Then Mika lays her chubby body on top of Gia and they kiss and trib in the tribbing of the knee position. Gia rubs Mika’s pussy while she tribs. Then Mika gets off of Gia and rubs her pussy. After that they kiss and 69, Mika rubs Gia’s pussy some more. Then Gia straddles Mika and Mika rubs her clit and eats her pussy while Gia sits on her face.

Then Gia lays down on Mika and tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position. After that Gia gets up and tribs Mika in the standard position. Gia tribs Mika hard and fast for the rest of the clip. They hug and kiss at the very end of the video.

Missionary: 18:03, 18:58
Knee Tribbing: 23:05, 33:22
Standard Tribbing: 34:09

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