Raylene and Zoe Voss have sex

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Zoe is on the couch reading a book when Raylene walks into the room. She asks Zoe if she can stay out of the living room all night because she is throwing a cocktail party. Zoe is a little upset because she can’t access that part of the house for a full night. This is the seconds time in a month that Raylene has asked Zoe to stay out of certain rooms.

Raylene says she is trying to get her acting career started again and it would really help her if Zoe could do her this favor. Zoe agrees and says she will stay in her room. Raylene feels bad and knocks on Zoe’s door. Raylene tells Zoe she is sorry and this will be the last time this month that this will happen. Zoe is not buying it gives it to Raylene.

Zoe tells Raylene that she is self involved and doesn’t care about anything but herself. Zoe tells Raylene her career is dead and that she was a child actor and needs to get over acting, that she needs to face that it is over for her. Raylene is pissed and calls Zoe a bitch. They exchange insults and then Raylene goes to hit Zoe. Zoe catches her fist and tells Raylene that if she tries to hit her again that Zoe will hit her back.

Raylene gets turned on by Zoe’s passion and kisses her. They start kissing and taking off their clothes. Raylene takes off Zoe’s panties and eats her pussy. Then Raylene lays on top of Zoe and they 69. Then they get up on their knees and kiss and Zoe rubs and fingers Raylene’s pussy and Raylene fingers and rubs Zoe’s pussy at the same time.

Then Zoe gets on top of Raylene and they trib missionary style. Then Raylene gets on top of Zoe and they trib the standard way, Raylene grinds her pussy into Zoes. Then Raylene stops tribbing and sucks on Zoe’s foot. Then they kiss again and Raylene rubs Zoe’s clit.

Missionary: 16:52
Standard Tribbing: 19:12

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