Japanese lesbian wrestling in panties

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Japanese lesbians are in the wrestling ring ready to tumble around together. They are both wearing bikinis. They stretch and prepare for their match. The lesbian in the red tries to be nice and offer her hand to the lesbian in the black, but the lesbian in the black is sassy and pushes her hand away. They start wrestling after that.

The black lesbian gets the red lesbian in a headlock and rubs her pussy underneath her panties. Then the red lesbian rubs the black lesbian’s pussy underneath her panties. They rub each other’s tits too under their bras. Then the red lesbian tribs the black lesbian’s pussy with her foot. The black lesbian is still wearing her black panties.

After that the lesbian in the red rubs the black lesbian’s pussy and boobs some more. Then the red lesbian pins the black lesbian from behind while standing up and takes off her bra. Then the red lesbian tribs her standing up doggy style against the wrestling rings ropes. They are tribbing like this in their panties.

Then the black lesbian lays on the mat in her panties and the red lesbian tribs her in her panties by riding her pussy. Then the red lesbian gets up feeling like she has won the match. Then they wrestle again and the black lesbian is ready to rumble. The black lesbian is winning now and she pulls the red lesbian’s chin back while she rubs her tits.

Then the black lesbian licks her tits while she rubs her pussy under her panties. Then they stand up and kiss and then they lay back down again. The black lesbian has the red lesbian pinned on her side and she tribs her from behind while she is pinned. Then the black lesbian tribs the red panties lesbian with her foot. Then the black panties lesbian mounts the red lesbian and tribs her in the standard way. After that they have a rematch and both lesbian pin each other down and rub each other’s pussy and boobs for the rest of the clip.

Body Tribbing: 7:35, 24:27
Trib Standing: 12:46
Doggy Style: 12:46, 22:15
Riding: 13:44
Standard Tribbing: 25:29

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