Amateur lesbian couple tribbing on webcam

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A lesbian couple sets up a webcam at the top of their bed. The lesbian with the long hair is the lip stick lesbian and the lesbian with the short hair looks like her butch girlfriend. The lipstick lesbian lays on the bed and the butch gets on top of her and they make out passionately.

The butch licks her partner’s boobs and strokes her hairy pussy. Then the butch takes off her pants and mounts the other lesbian and tribs her knee tribbing style. They are very loving with each other and the butch has really nice big boobs. They kiss as they trib, the butch dismounts the lip stick lesbian and they kiss while the butch rubs her hairy pussy.

Then the butch gets back on top of the lipstick and they continue to trib in the knee position. They trib this way for a long time, they trib hard, really pressing their pussies together. Then they change positions. The lipstick gets on top of the butch and continues to trib her in the knee tribbing position, hard.

They kiss while they trib and press their big boobs together. Then the lipstick rolls off the butch and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position on their sides. I wish the camera was on their side and not at their heads. Then the lipstick eats out the butch’s very hairy pussy and then the butch sucks on her tits while she rubs her pussy some more.

Then the lipstick tribs the butch in the standard position for a brief moment before they go back to knee tribbing. Then the butch gets back on top and tribs the lipstick hard while they kiss. The butch knows what she is doing. Then they stop tribbing and they kiss while the butch rubs the lipstick’s pussy until the end of the video.

Knee Tribbing: 6:41, 14:29, 22:18, 23:44, 30:30, 30:52
Standard Tribbing: 30:17

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  1. Best damn video I have seen in quite a while. Would love to see it from different angle but the ladies were great and obviously liked each other which is a great positive.