Lesbian master tribs her lesbian slave

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A lesbian master is dancing around naked in the shadows and her lesbian slave is on the floor masturbating. The slave pours water into a bowl and puts rose petals in it. Her master comes over and sits at the end of the bed. The slave worships her feet and washes then in the bowl. Then The master makes the slave suck and nibble on her big boobs.

After that the master puts a ball gag in the slave’s mouth and bends her over her knee and spanks her. The master is not naked anymore she is wearing a fish net body stocking and she is spanking the blonde slave while wearing black leather gloves.

Then the master lays the slave down and mounts her and tribs her hard and fast in the knee tribbing position. Then the master stops tribbing the slave and sits on her face to get her pussy licked. The master face tribs the slave while she sucks on her pussy.

Knee Tribbing: 5:32
Face Tribbing: 7:00

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