Clothed lesbians tribbing in pantyhose

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This clip was recommended by Chris, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. The video quality is a little grainy but you can see that they are tribbing with their panties and pantyhose on. They are also both wearing dresses and high heels. They start the video tribbing in the standard tribbing position.

The girl with the red dress is on top and then they switch. The girl with the tan dress gets on top of the red dress girl and tribs her the standard way. They switch who is on top through out the clip. For a second they stop tribbing the standard way and they trib in a semi scissoring semi doggy style, they do not trib this way for long though.

Then the clip pans to someone naked in a outside shower and then the clip pans back to the girls in the bedroom. A director or the camera man is telling the girls what to do and he tells them to wrestle around on the bed. The girl in the red dress gets up and stands by the bed and another girl in a white dress comes in and wrestles the girl in the tan dress. They fall off the bed and on to the floor and wrestle.

Standard Tribbing: Start of the video, 39 seconds, 1:34
Scissoring: 1:56
Doggy Style: 1:56

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