Black girls grinding with their clothes on

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This is a homemade video of two black girls grinding their pussies together while wearing shorts. Someone is in the room filming and watching them trib. A lesbian with pink shorts is laying on the bed and a lesbian in black shorts sits on top of her and grinds and rides her pussy.

Then they switch places and the lesbian in the hot pink shorts gets on top of her lesbian partner and rides and grinds her pussy. Then they switch places again and the lesbian in the black shorts gets on top and continues to ride and grind the pink short wearing lesbian. Towards the end of the clip the black shorts wearing lesbian stops riding her partner and grinds her missionary style for the rest of the video.

Riding: 25 seconds, 1:39, 2:07
Missionary: 2:30

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  1. It had the potential to be hotter than it was presented as this felt like a very wattered down tribbing scene. First off, these two should have gotten naked while grinding and also they should have been more aggressive while humping each other. This is one the gripes I have about a lot of black lesbian scenes I have seen so far as they have some very hot black lesbians but they either neuter the sex scenes or make them too smutty.

  2. In some ways i agree. I dont mind the clothes, i really like none nude. Its the music and the lack of actually having sex that gets me. Its just a bit of lap dancing, which good as this is and great to watch, doesnt really get me off at all and make me think wow this is stunning look at them go at it. But nice vid all the same.