Lesbians trib fighting outside

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This is a short clip of brunette lesbians fighting and tribbing outside in a park in public. They start kissing and one of them pins the other one down and sits on her chest. The one on the bottom breaks away and they start fighting all over the grass. They trib in the standard tribbing position with the camera zoomed in on their pussies the whole time.

Then they end up scissoring each other. Then they switch to doing a semi scissoring semi doggy style trib. Then the clip cuts to them scissoring backwards, one of them is laying on their stomach facing away from her partner and they other one is on her side. They bump butts while they scissor this way. Then the clip cuts again to them tribbing in the standard position.

Standard Tribbing: 1:06, 1:42
Scissoring: 1:15, 1:25, 1:34
Doggy Style: 1:25

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