Samantha Ryan has assertive sex with Siri

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This clip was recommended by JJ, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Siri is on the phone with a car company trying to set up a driver for Samantha Ryan for her trip. Siri is Samantha’s assistant and Samantha is listening to Siri make this phone call by standing in the door way. Siri is doing a bad job trying to arrange transportation and Samantha gets mad and walks into the room and takes the phone form Siri.

Samantha talks to the person on the other end and negotiates the transportation accommodations herself. Samantha hangs up the phone and ask Siri why she is so incompetent. Siri says it was not her fault and she would have eventually figured out a car service for her. Samantha tells Siri that she should have been more assertive and told them that Samantha was not coming unless she had a car.

Samantha is a motivational speaker travelling the country teaching women how to be empowered and Samantha feels like Siri, her own personal assistant should be empowered and assertive as well. Siri says that she works a different way and that she is empowered with out being a bitch. Samantha mocks her and tells her that she is a submissive doormat, to be used.

Siri gets uncomfortable and apologizes and Samantha starts mocking her and making fun of her. Samantha pokes Siri and pushes her. Then Samantha pulls Siri’s hair back and kisses her and leads her to the bedroom and throws her on the bed. They kiss and Samantha gets on top of Siri and lightly tribs her by riding her. They are both still wearing clothes and are wearing panties.

Samantha gets Siri naked and plays with her huge boobs. Samantha rubs Siri’s pussy over her panties and then bends Siri over and tribs her form behind while they are both in their panties. After they trib Samantha pulls off Siri’s panties and eats her pussy out and fingers it. Then Samantha gets totally naked and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position with Samantha on top.

There is a good closeup shot of this. Then Samantha sits on Siri’s face and Siri eats Samantha’s pussy. Then Samantha puts on a strap on and fucks Siri from behind with it. Siri masturbates while she is being fucked. Then Samantha fucks her to the side and then turns Siri around and fucks her on her back while Siri masturbates some more.

Riding: 6:00
Doggy Style: 13:00
Knee Tribbing: 17:00

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