Celeste Star tribbing Leah Gotti

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Celeste Star takes off Leah Gotti’s shorts and Leah shakes her ass in her panties. Then Celeste takes off her shorts and Leah and Celeste kiss and play with each other’s asses in their panties. Then the clip cuts to Celeste and Leah naked on the bed with Celeste eating Leah’s pussy.

Celeste really does a good job eating her pussy out, licking it clean. Then Leah returns the favor and eats out Celeste. Celeste sits on Leah’s face and Leah sucks and eats her clit. Celeste also rubs her own clit while Leah eats the inside of her pussy out. Then Celeste puts her clit and pussy on Leah’s and tribs her in the standard tribbing position.

Standard Tribbing: 6:50

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