Celeste Star has hard sex

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This is one of my favorite lesbian clips ever. I remember seeing this on Thumbzilla before it become just like all the other tube sites, Thumbzilla had this scene on it’s main page. In this clip, Celeste Star and her partner Malena Morgan are laying in bed. Malena is sleeping and Celeste is awake reminiscing on the night before and their crazy sex, Celeste gets so turned on that she wakes Melena up and they start having hot sex.

Celeste starts rubbing her pussy and fingering her pussy and kissing her. Malena wakes up and they start to get into it, Celeste takes her boob and tribs it against Malena’s pussy. Then Celeste licks and fingers Malena’s pussy and Malena then starts to rub her own clit hard while Celeste fingers her some more. Then Malena returns the favor and eats Celeste’s pussy and rubs it. They both start to get really into the sex and Malena starts to trib Celeste really hard, it is so hot. I know their pornstars but you can tell they are really into it, you can see the sweat glistening off of Malena’s back.

Then the scene skips to Malena face tribbing Celeste while Celeste eats her out. Then it’s Celestes turn to trib Malena’s pussy hard and trib her face. Then Malena flips Celeste over and eats her out hard and tribs her pussy once more, hard. Then Malena rubs her pussy while they kiss and Celeste gets up and face tribs Malena again, holding on to the headboard while she does it. The end of the clip shows them all tired out and kissing, wrapping their bodies around each others. This is a great lesbian scene, the sex is hard and aggressive and they are really into it. It’s really great.

Body Tribbing: 6:27
Standard Tribbing: 15:12, 20:50
Missionary: 16:48
Face Tribbing: 19:10

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  1. WOW celeste is so ready for it. yea they really do go full on here. the dirty talk and vocal of celeste is soo horny. massive turn on from this vid.