Justine Joli and Ginger Lynn tribbing

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Ginger Lynn is in her room getting comfy drinking a glass of wine when she gets a knock on her door. Ginger answers it and Justine Joli is standing their. They kiss and Justine enters Ginger’s room. Ginger offers Justine some wine. Ginger is really nervous and talks a lot. I think Justine is a call girl and it is Ginger’s first time.

Justine comes on to Ginger and they start getting busy on the bed. They get naked and kiss and caress each other. They take turns teasing each other and sucking on each other’s tits. Then Justine eats out Ginger’s pussy and then Justine mounts Ginger and they trib in the tribbing of the knee position for a bit. Then Justine puts her clit on Ginger’s clit and they trib in the upright missionary position while their clits touch.

Then Justine lays on top of Ginger and they trib hard and fast clit to clit in the missionary position. After Justine is done tribbing Ginger they kiss and Justine sucks on Ginger’s boobs really hard. Then Ginger pushes Justine down on the bed with her foot and she trib Justine’s pussy with her feet. Ginger tribs Justine’s pussy with the sole of her foot hard. Then Ginger eats Justine out.

After that Ginger drinks some wine and spits it out on Justine’s body and in her mouth. Then Ginger licks the wine off of Justine and goes back to eating Justine’s pussy out. After that they sit and hug and kiss for the rest of the clip.

Knee Tribbing: 19:30
Missionary: 20:21
Body Tribbing: 28:09

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