Kylie Ireland and Misty Stone are lesbian lovers

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Kylie Ireland is talking to Misty Stone trying to comfort her. Misty’s husband died and Misty feels guilty because she feels like her husband knew Misty was having an affair with Kylie. Kylie is telling Misty there is no way her husband knew.

Her husband did not die because Misty was cheating on him it was an accident. Kylie says now that Misty’s husband is dead they can be together because they love each other. They start kissing and making out on the bed. They feel each other’s tits and Kylie tries to make Misty feel better.

Kylie gets Misty naked and eats, fingers and rubs her pussy. Then Misty returns the favor and sucks, rubs and fingers Kylie’s pussy. Then Kylie eats out Misty’s pussy again. After that Kylie takes control and tribs misty in the standard tribbing position. Kylie has big pussy lips and a big clit.

Then Misty gets on top of Kylie and rides her pussy. Then Misty stops riding and eats out Kylie’s fat pussy again. Then Kylie sits up and Misty rides and grinds Kylie’s pussy while they are sitting on the bed until the clip ends.

Standard Tribbing: 30:44
Riding: 32:43, 36:56

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