Celeste Star tribbing Sharon Lee intensely

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Celeste Star and Sharon Lee are on the couch making out and rubbing each other’s tits and sucking on them. A blonde girl is talking during this saying she finds it hot when girls suck on each other’s big tits and rub their pussies together. The blonde says it makes her very wet and she would like to cum to this.

I don’t know why she is talking but anyway after the blonde says this Celeste starts to trib Sharon in the tribbing of the knee position while they both have their panties on. They trib hard and fast. Then Celeste licks Sharon’s pussy and Sharon returns the favor by taking Celeste’s panties off and letting Celeste sit on her face while she eats her pussy.

Sharon rubs and licks Celeste’s pussy and Celeste tribs on her face while she is doing this hard and fast. Sharon eats Celeste out for a long time and then they 69 for a while. Sharon rubs and licks Celeste’s pussy and Celeste does the same to Sharon. Then Celeste sits up on Sharon’s face again and tribs it while she is being eaten out.

Then they stop having oral sex and Celeste mounts Sharon and they trib in the standard tribbing position. Sharon still has her panties on and Celeste does not. Celeste tribs Sharon hard and fast this way. Then when they are done tribbing Celeste goes back to eating Sharon’s pussy out and then they end the clip with a kiss.

Knee Tribbing: 1:51
Face Tribbing: 6:49, 7:41, 8:28, 11:00
Standard Tribbing: 12:26

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