Little lesbian riding a big lesbian

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This clip was recommended by chicitythang, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is an amateur clip of Latina lesbians tribbing, we never get to see their faces. One lesbian is really big and thick and the other lesbian is skinny and small. Someone is filming and watching them have sex.

The clip starts with them kissing on the bed with their clothes on. Then the clip switches to them shaking their asses for the camera so we can compare their sizes. It shows them making out while standing and rubbing each other’s pussies. Then they are on the bed and the skinny lesbian is eating the big lesbian’s pussy out from behind.

Then the clip switches to them tribbing. The little lesbian is riding the big lesbian’s pussy. There are good close up shots of this. Then they switch to tribbing in the knee position with the little lesbian still on top. After they are done tribbing they quickly show the big lesbian eating out the little’s pussy form behind.

Riding: 41 seconds
Knee Tribbing: 1:02

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