Lesbians bumping butts

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This clip was recommended by CNG, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Lesbians are shaking and showing of their huge asses in this video. A lesbian with a big ass is bent over the kitchen counter shaking her butt while wearing a pink thong. Another lesbian comes up behind her wearing a black thong and puts oil all over the pink thong wearing lesbian’s ass.

After the pink lesbian is oiled up the black lesbian rubs her ass on the pink lesbian’s ass. They bump and grind their butts together. Then the black lesbian turns around and the pink lesbian grinds her ass in the black lesbian’s pussy. Ten the black lesbian bends over the counter and the pink lesbian pours oil on her butt and they bump their butts together again.

Then the pink lesbian turns around and tribs the black lesbian from behind for a short minute. Then thy stand side by side and hit and bump their butts and hips together. After that they play with each other’s butt cheeks and their own butt cheeks and shake their asses for the camera. Then they bump their butts together hard.

Towards the end of the clip the black lesbian bends over and the pink lesbian tribs her from behind by shaking her pussy on the black thong lesbian’s ass.

Body Tribbing: 53 seconds, 2:26, 3:15, 5:30
Doggy Style: 1:34, 2:59, 7:57
Trib Standing: 1:34, 2:59, 7:57

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