Homemade mature lesbian tribbing compilation

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This clip was recommended by Princess, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user.

Male cameraman gets off the whole time. Good grinding.

This is a good find. This is an amateur mature tribbing compilation clip. All three couples are being filmed tribbing.

1) In the first scene it looks like a wife is tribbing another woman and her husband is filming it. The woman on the bottom is the wife and she is wearing a wedding ring. The woman tribbing on top of her is tribbing in the semi reverse cowgirl position. You can hear their wet pussies smacking together as they trib. The husband is masturbating while they trib.

Later on they switch to scissoring. The woman on top is on her stomach with her legs spread in the scissoring position. Then the wife lifts one of her legs up and they start tribbing in a semi doggy style semi scissoring position. The wife pushes her pussy into the other woman’s while the woman is laying down on her stomach with with her legs spread.

Then they go back to scissoring and towards the end of their scene they go back to the woman riding the wife in a semi reverse cowgirl position.

2) 2:57 : In the seconds scene two mature lesbians are tribbing in a semi doggy style semi scissoring position. One of the lesbians is wearing a white silky lingerie top while they trib. They also have a vibrator going while they trib. The vibrator is in between their pussies. They remove it and then go to town grinding their pussies together.

3) 5:27: In the last scene mature lesbians are tribbing in an open scissoring position. They rub their own clits and each other’s while they trib.

Semi Reverse Cowgirl: Start of the video, 2:32
Scissoring: 47 seconds, 1:25, 1:50, 3:10
Doggy Style: 1:25, 3:10
Open Scissor: 5:27

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