Heather Silk and Flower Tucci have wild sex

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Wild scene

Flower Tucci and Heather Silk are in the car driving around at night. Flower is taking Heather around a rich neighborhood showing her the houses. Flower says that Heather’s sugar mamma lives in a big mansion on that street and that her sugar mamma can be heard fucking a loud lesbian throughout the whole neighborhood.

Flower messes with Heather and parks in front of Maggie’s house, the sugar mamma, and Heather tells her to leave. They drive away and Flower jokes around with Heather, telling her that she wants to fuck her own sister and she will let Heather have a go with her if she wants. Heather confirms that Flower is joking.

Flower pulls over and starts coming on to Heather and kissing her and they suck on each other’s tits in the car. They happen to pull over in front of Heather’s house and they go inside. The walk into Heather’s bedroom and Flower takes control and pushes Heather down on the bed. They make out and caress each other’s bodies. They take off their clothes and fondle each other.

Then Flower sucks on Heather’s boob so hard that breast milk comes out. Flower keeps the milk in her mouth and spits it into Heather’s mouth. then Flower bends over and Heather tribs her boob on Flower’s butt and sprays breast milk on her ass and back. Then Flower gets up and rubs Heather’s pussy under her panties. Heather lays down and Flower sits on her face so Heather can eat her out.

After that Heather bends over and Flower rubs and fingers Heather’s pussy form behind. Then Flower and Heather get on their knees and with Flower behind Heather, she rubs Heather’s pussy. Then Flower lays Heather down and sucks on her pussy while Heather masturbates. Flower continues to sucks, rub and finger Heather’s pussy and suck on her tits. Heather’s tits spray breast milk at Flower while she is fingering Heather’s pussy.

Then Heather and Flower rub Flower’s pussy together and Flower whips out the anal beads. Heather washes the anal beads in her mouth and Flower also sucks on them and then Flower bends over. Heather rubs Flower’s pussy and butt hole and sprays her breast milk on Flower’s anus and pussy. Then Heather inserts the anal beads into Flower’s butt hole. Flower masturbates while the beads are being inserted. Then Heather sucks, fingers and rubs Flower’s pussy while the beads are sticking out of her butt.

Then Heather takes the beads out of Flower’s ass and rubs her pussy and Flower starts masturbating vigorously and squirts in Heather’s face. After Flower squirts Heather licks up the cum from Flower’s pussy and they start kissing. Then they start to trib in the standard tribbing position with Heather on top of Flower.

Heather tribs and grinds on Flower’s pussy deep and hard. Then they switch places and Flower gets on top of Heather and they do a little knee tribbing. Then Flower eats out Heather’s pussy and they kiss and caress each other’s bodies for the rest of the video.

Squirting: 41:26
Body Tribbing: 17:43
Standard Tribbing: 42:10
Knee Tribbing: 44:45

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