Brittany O’Connell cons Heather Silk into lesbian sex

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This clip was recommended by Lo, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. Heather silk is talking to us and telling us about a job she had for famous actress Brittany O’Connell. Heather was helping her write her auto biography and Heather says the job was amazing, everything she ever hoped for.

The clip then cuts to Heather listening and writing down what Brittany is telling her about her life. Brittany starts talking about her sex life and how she wanted to have sex with another woman. Heather gets uncomfortable but keeps typing. Heather tells Brittany that she is offended having to write about her lesbian sex adventures and Brittany says she is just uptight and scared she is going to come on to her.

Brittany starts teasing Heather asking her is she ever thought about another woman’s pussy grinding on her own. Heather says she is really uncomfortable and that she is married and she gets up to leave. Brittany stops her and says if she leaves she will not get paid. Heather agrees to stay because she needs to money. So Brittany continues to talk about her lesbian encounters.

Brittany can’t take it anymore and comes on to Heather. Brittany tells Heather they are going to fuck today no matter what. Brittany forces Heather to kiss her and Heather does not like it at first but then gets into it. The head over to the bed and get naked. Brittany licks and rubs Heather’s pussy. Then Heather licks Brittany’s tit and tribs her in the standard tribbing position. Brittany still has her panties on and Heather does not.

Then Heather takes Brittany’s panties off and continues to trib Brittany in the standard position. Heather gets really into the tribbing and holds Brittany’s throat while she switches positions and tribs her in the knee position. After that Heather kneels over Brittany and tribs her knee into Brittany’s pussy. Then they kiss and Heather eats out, rubs and fingers Brittany’s pussy.

Then Heather mounts Brittany and tribs her missionary style. There are a few closeup shots of this. Heather seems very experienced for never having lesbian sex before, she does all the work!

Standard Tribbing: 18:55, 19:39
Knee Tribbing: 20:58
Body Tribbing: 21:08
Missionary: 26:37

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