Amateur chubby lesbians tribbing in panties

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This clip was recommended by CNG, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is an amateur video of chubby lesbians tribbing in their black thong panties. They wrestle around on the bed while they trib. We never get to see their faces we only see them from the stomach down or back down.

They start the video tribibng in the knee position and they trib hard and fast at times. There are a few closeup shots also. Then they start scissoring in their panties. They bump their pussies together while they scissor. Then they both bend over and bump their butts together and trib them together.

Then the body tribbing turns into a semi doggy style semi backwards scissoring position. Then the clip skips to them tribbing in an upright missionary position. After that they go back to tribbing in the tribbing of the knee poisiton. They trib many ways in this video.

Knee Tribbing: Start of the video, 12:34
Scissoring: 6:57, 9:38
Body Tribbing: 9:15
Doggy Style: 9:38
Missionary: 11:20

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