Skin Diamond and Lily Carter tribbing

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Skin Diamond is babysitting when the baby’s sister Lily Carter comes home. Skin tells Lily that her mom told her she can leave when Lily came home. Lily asks Skin if it’s alright if she takes a shower first before she leaves. Skin says that is fine and they walk into Lily’s room. Skin sits on the bed while Lily gets naked in the bathroom.

Lily asks skin where she hangs out and tells her she looks wild. Skin seems nervous. Lily pretends to shower and comes out in only a towel. She tells Skin she is pretty and Skin says Lily is also. Lily asks Skin to hang out, Lily sits close to Skin and strokes her hair. Skin gets up to leave and Lily tells her to stay and kisses her.

Lily gets Skin naked and Skin eats Lily’s shaved pussy. Then Skin tribs Lily in the knee tribbing position and in the standard tribbing position. Then they both sit up and scissor their pussies together on the bed. After that Lily gets on top of Skin and she tribs her in the tribbing of the knee position.

Knee Tribbing: 6:35, 8:27
Standard Tribbing: 7:03
Scissoring: 7:20

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