Big boob office lesbians tribbing

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This clip was recommended by Chris, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. This is a retro clip of two office lesbians fucking. The clip starts with them in really short skirts bending over desks that are next to each others. When they bend over their butts touch and bump. They both are thinking how much they hate each other but how attractive they think each other is at the same time.

They both imagine their naked butts bumping each others while they are grinding their butts together while pretending to work. Then the brunette, Shay Sights, pretends she has a file on the blonde’s, Carolyn Monroe’s desk and turns around to get it. She reaches over Carolyn and Carolyn lightly grinds and tribs her ass into Shay’s pussy and Shay lightly tribs Carolyn from behind.

Then Carolyn gets up and Shay leans against her desk and Carolyn pretends to get something on Shay’s desk and they trib their boobs together. Then Shay stands up and they start trib standing with their clothes still on. Then the clip cuts to them totally naked tribbing by scissoring on a purple blanket.

They both have nice big boobs and they bounce while they trib. There are nice closeup shots of them scissoring and they bump their pussies together. Then Carolyn lays down and Shay gets on top of her and they trib missionary style. Shay grinds her pussy back and forth on the Carolyn’s and their are great closeup shots of this.

Body Tribbing: Start of the video, 4:30
Doggy Style: 3:14
Trib Standing: 5:52
Scissoring: 8:00
Missionary: 13:29

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