Lesbians trib standing with panties on and off

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This clip was recommended by CNG, a fellow Love Lesbian Tribbing user. A blonde and a brunette lesbian are fully clothed rubbing and tribbing their tits together. I am going to say this is a retro clip because of the blonde’s hair, makeup and jacket. It looks 90’s to me. Their tits touch and bump each other’s underneath their clothes. Then they take off each other’s skirts and start tribbing their pussies together standing up with their panties on.

They aggressively grind their pussies together standing up. The brunette leans against the cabinet and the blonde grinds her pussy into the brunettes. The brunette pulls the blonde’s thong hard while they trib. They stop tribbing to take off more clothes and the blonde lets her hair down and then they go back to trib standing.

Then they stop tribbing again and take off each other’s panties. The brunette has a hairy pussy and the blonde is clean shaven. They then go back to trib standing, this time they trib against their naked pussies. They start kissing while they trib and get very into it. The blonde lifts her leg up while they trib stand at some points.

Then they stop trib standing and get totally naked. The blonde has really big tits. They get down on their knees on the floor and trib stand and push their tits together. Then they sit on the ground and start tribbing by scissoring their pussies together. They get really sweaty while on the ground and their bodies glisten. They scissor deep and grind their pussies together hard.

Body Tribbing: Start of the video, 11:47
Trib Standing: 1:46, 5:00, 8:56, 11:47
Scissoring: 12:38

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